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Harvard Milk Days, making Family Traditions for

for 78 years.

2018 Unlike any "Udder" for 77 years
2017 Believe in the Future
2016 Relive The Memories
2015 Looking To The Past To Create A Bright Future
2014 Follow The Herd To The 73rd
2013 72 And We Are Still Farming Too
2012 The 71st We Still Have The Thirst
2011 70 Years Of Udder Fun
2010 A Tribute To Our Farming Heritage
2009 Moooving In Changing Times
2008 67 Years Of "Moo"rific Family Fun
2007 Come Get Your Kicks At Milk Days 66
2006 A Celebration of Yesterday, Today & Tommorrow
2005 Farming-The Spirit of Milk Days
2004 Pride Of The Heartland
2003 62 And We Are Growing With You
2002 61 And We're Moovin' The Fun
2001 Milking Fun In 2001
2000 Harmilda & 2000 Wow-What A Cow
1999 Milk Then, Now & Beyond
1998 Milk Does Harvard Good
1997 Kids-Cows & Country- Milk Days "97"
1996 Generations Of Dairy Tradition
1995 Milk-The Beverage of Champions
1994 We Herd Right! Harvard Milk Days'94 Butter Than Ever
1993 Harvard Milk Days Is The Country Life
1992 Come Have A Dairy Good Time
1991 Home Town Pride
1990 Argiculture Mooo-ves into the 90's
1989 Farming A Way Of Life
1988 You've Come A Long Way Milk Days
1987 Harvard Salutes Americas' Favorite-Milk
1986 Harvard Milk Days-An American Celebration
1985 Back To The Farm For Country Charm
1984 MilkDi-Gras-A Celebration
1983 Youth, The Cream Of A New Decade Top Of The State
1982 "Dairying Is Everybody's Bread & Butter Believe In America
1981 We Salute You Mr & Mrs. Farmer, Fun By the Gallon
1980 American Agriculture Feeds The World








1979 The Good Olde Days
1978 A Day In The Country
1977 A Time For All Seasons
1976 Salutes Two Hundred Years Of Agriculture
1975 Cream Comes To The Top On Milk Days
1974 Milk Day...And Its Rural Heritage
1973 Sound Of Music To Vienna
1972 Milk And Youth World-Wide
1971 30 Years Of Memories On The Milky Way
1970 Progess-The Moon And The Milky Way
1969 Wonderful World Of Youth
1968 Harvard Milk Day At The Top Of The State
1967 Farming, America's First Industry
1966 A Salute To The Area Dairy Farmers-25th Anniversary of Milk Days
1965 Salute To Our Farm Friends
1964 Salute To Farm Youth
1963 22nd Annual Milk Day
1962 The Brightest Star In The Milky Way
1961 A Salute To Industry
1960 Join Us In Reliving The Past 100 Years In This Friendy Community
1959 18th Annual Milk Day
1958 Milk Of Human Kindness
1957 Producing Better Quality Milk
1956 Centennial "Harvard Heritage"
1952 A Salute To Dairymen's Progress
1951 Harvard ASwani Congerence Champs
1944 This Is The Town That Milk Built...
1943 Harvard Milk Days "Bigger and Better Than Ever"
1942 "Harvard Milk Center Of the World"