Complete list of all the 2019 Milk Days™ Event Winners


2019 Prince and Princess

Prince- Leyam Adams

Princess- Tinley Nulle

1st  Runner  Up Prince-Jayden Adams

1st  Runner  Up Princess-Lakelynn Pena

2nd Runner  Up Prince-None

2nd Runner  Up Princess-Berklynn Finke

3rd Runner  Up Prince-none

3rd Runner  Up Princess-Cliodhna Kelly

2019 Queen and Court


Queen- Alexandra Gast

1st Runner Up- Jennah Brookner

2nd Runner Up -Aaliyah Torres

3rd Runner Up- Mariana Pichardo

4th Runner Up-Ariel Torres

Miss Beloved Beauty- Mariana Pichardo

Miss Photogenic - Alexandra Gast

Miss Congeniality- Aaliyah Torres


2019 Milk Days™ Agriculture Scholarship

Alexandra Gast & Kayla Austin

2019 Antique Tractor Show


Best of Show- Darren Smith

2nd Place- Fitz Farms

Best Restoration- Roger Porep

Oldest Running- kevin Kucharski

Best Survivor- Alten Farms

Most Uniques Pieces of Equipment - 1932 Ford

Truck - Larry Davidson


2019 Big Wheel Races

Age group 3                                           

1st Place -Gray Parker              

2nd Place- Ben Brehm      

3rd Place- Luciano Pena

Age Group 4 

1st Place- Jayson Gerrish

2nd Place- Graylen Peck

3rd Place- Audrey Cameron

Age Group 5

1st Place- Maxwell Sulorio

2nd Place- Charley Foster

3rd Place- Lakelyn Pena

2019 Big Wheel Races

Age Group 6

1st Place- Gavin Peck

2nd Place- Sam Brehm

3rd Place- Tinley Nulle

Age Group 7

1st Place- Cameron Sulorio

2nd Place- Gage Hansen

3rd Place- Jillian Wood

Bike Raffle

Boy- Landon Cesarz

Girl- Reese Vest


2019 Bed Races

Over All Champs- Crosby

Women's Division- Crosby

Men's Division- McHenry Co. Libertarians

Mixed Division- Pound Bakery



2019 Parade Entry Winners

Louis Simonin Best of Show-Chicken Johnny's

Best Home Made float- LeRoy Commandos

2019 Talent Show

Pee Wee

1st Place- Lia Hyrkas

2nd Place- Colt Coffer

3rd Place- None

Teen Division

1st Place- Melody Coffer

2nd Place- Julia Smitendorf

3rd Place- Brook Paninski

Young Adult Division

1st Place- Tyler Paninski

2nd Place- none

3rd Place- none

Adult Division

1st Place - Josh Jacobs

2nd Place - none

3rd Place - none

2019 Country Breakfast Auction Winners

2019 Originial - Joe Clarke

1st Print of Painting - Senator Jim Oberweis

Decorated Milk Can - Mayor Mike Kelly

Bear Carving -Steve from Trotter & Co.

Cardinal Carving - Mayor Mike Kelly

Minion Carving - Breakfast attendee

Fish Carving - Willie Perez



2017 - Joseph Clarke

2018 - Richard Goad

2019 - Ron Betlinski