Complete list of all the 2017 Milk Days™ Event Winners


2017 Prince and Princess

Prince- Jasper Damiano

Princess- Elena Olbrich

1st  Runner  Up Prince- Easton Lowe

1st  Runner  Up Princess-Sapphire Damiano

2nd Runner  Up Prince- Max Eichholz

2nd Runner  Up Princess-Leona Eichholz

3rd Runner  Up Prince- Case Wolf

3rd Runner  Up Princess- Bria Olbrich

2017 Queen and Court


Queen- Gianah Tomczak

1st Runner Up- Gabrielle Crone

2nd Runner Up - Holly Kruckenberg

3rd Runner Up- Micaela Pasillas

4th Runner Up Taylor Rausch

Miss Beloved Beauty-

Miss Photogenic -

Miss Congeniality-


2017 Milk Days™ Agriculture Scholarship

None Awarded

2017 Antique Tractor Show

Best of Show- Allen Wilkening

2nd Place- Cory Henry

Best Restoration- Dan Ames

Oldest Running- Dan Ames

Best Survivor- Kevin Kucharski

Most Uniques Pieces of Equipment

Larry Miller

2017 Big Wheel Races

Age group 3                                           

1st Place-                    

2nd Place-            

3rd Place-            

Age Group 4 

1st Place-

2nd Place-

3rd Place-

Age Group 5

1st Place-

2nd Place-

3rd Place-

2017 Big Wheel Races

Age Group 6

1st Place-

2nd Place-

3rd Place-

Age Group 7

1st Place-

2nd Place-

3rd Place-

Bike Raffle




2017 Bed Races

Over All Champs-

Women's Division-

Men's Division-

Mixed Division-

Over 30 Division-


2017 Parade Entry Winners

Louis Simonin Best of Show- Harvard Mercy Hosp.

Best Home Made float- Harvard Diggins Library

2017 Talent Show

Pee Wee

1st Place- Samantha Parzatka

2nd Place- Melody & Cole Coffer

3rd Place- Brianna Scott

Teen Division

1st Place- Jennelle Juniga

2nd Place- Anna Sutton

3rd Place- layna Sutton

Young Adult Division

1st Place- Carissa Marchetti

2nd Place- Jason Juniga

3rd Place- Karina Keating & Marcelino Perles

Adult Division

1st Place - Maria Robertson

2nd Place - Rebecca Duxler

3rd Place - None

2017 Brunch Auction Winners

2017 Oil Painting - Dean Food

1st Print of Painting - Senator Pam Althoff

Decorated Milk Can - Jack Franks/Harvard Savings

Eagle Carving - Geri Alten

Cross Carving - Dave Freimund

Ribbon Carving - Jack Franks/Harvard Savings

Cow Carving - State Rep. Steve Reicht


2017 - Joseph Clarke